Guide to Formula V1

Formula V1

In the early 2000, The Philippines experienced the golden years of motorsports with racers having a complete career ladder up to Formula 3. At this time, filipino racers such as Marlon Stockinger, Michelle Bumgarner, Stefano Marcelo who had successful racing careers abroad, enjoyed the accessibility of having a robust local motorsports scene.

Unfortunately due to the change of the economic landscape in Asia, Philippine motorsports deteriorated and has been dormant for several years. In 2014, a rebirth happened at the launch of the Toyota Vios Cup and other grassroots motorsrports programs. With over 70 cars on the grid and hundreds of motorsports enthusiasts actively going behind the wheel, the need for the next step was the way to go.

Formula V1 is a is a limited edition run vehicle produced in partnership by West Cars in Suzuka Japan. The Car uses rear wheel drive, mid engine layout with an open cockpit. It uses a 5 speed H pattern short shift and no driving aids such as ABS or Traction Control, making it one of the purest forms of motorsports available for intermediate level racing. The car can reach up to a top speed of 220kph and can achieve 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds. The Car comes with in-car brake bias for the front and rear disc brakes and a 1NZ 1.5Li (110HP) Toyota engine. With a dry weight of 530kg, the Formula V1 race car has the power and speed equal to a Supercar around local Philippine Circuits.

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