The Toyota Prius Hits 10 Years As The Pioneer of Hybrids In The PH

In 1997, Toyota launched the Prius in Japan and the United States–the first-ever hybrid-electric vehicle that was available to the driving public. Combining a gas engine with an electric motor powered by a self-charging battery, the Prius instantly became a symbol for environmentally-conscious drivers.

It took until June 2009 for Toyota Motor Philippines to bring the Prius over to our shores but the environmentally-friendly model has been a familiar if rare sight on our roads since then. And as it approaches the one decade mark in pioneering hybrid electrification in the country, TMP believes it’s time for the Prius to lead the current charge toward electrification.

“As the younger generation becomes more environment-conscious, we feel like it is the perfect time to educate them about eco-friendly technologies readily available to us,” said TMP Vice President Ms. Elijah Marcial. So on May 29, TMP will hold the first of it’s new efforts–a Toyota HEV Conference with Toyota experts, government officials, the press, the academe, and several NGO’s as they discuss the theme of “Toward Sustainable Mobility.”

And if you’re already interested, the Prius and hatchback Prius C are always waiting in dealerships nationwide!

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