Ready for Round 2: Frontrow Racing’s Raymond Ronquillo

Raymond Ronquillo, or Mr. R33, is one of the most recognizable faces on the Giti-Formula V1 Challenge grid–and he tells us that it drives him to do his best!

“There’s a lot of pressure, especially knowing that my sponsors Sam Versoza and Frontrow Racing Team is giving full support to my racing. [Sam] even got me a British race engineer to check all my faults and to get faster lap times.”

Frontrow’s battle-hardened V1

Ronquillo started with kart racing back in 1997, then circuit racing, drifting in 2009 and racing in the Vios Cup until last year, which was a challenge according to him, “Vios was a bit hard for me because there were a lot of competitive and young drivers.”

Moving up to Formula V1, “it’s very different from the Vios cars because it’s rear-wheel drive and very light!” Comparing it to all the supercars in his garage, he views the V1 favorably: “very light and competitive. It has the exact amount of power and is even a little bit dangerous because it’s open-wheel.”

Throwback to CIS during the first practice day of the year

It’s been an eventful season for Ronquillo so far. Before Round 1, “I was nervous because I got into an accident during practice–a racing incident when my car hydroplaned in the main straight [during heavy rain] and spun out before another driver collided with me! JP rushed us to the hospital to check everything and thank God we were fine! God is good!”

With a best finish of 3rd at BRC, Ronquillo is looking forward to topping the standings once again. “Hopefully we can reach the podium again at Clark. We are preparing well and have two practice sessions before the race–the goal is to already lower our lap times before race day!”

Phoenix Pulse together with Tuason Racing presents the Giti-Formula V1 Challenge
Sponsored by: West Race Cars Japan, OMP, AEG Powertools, Phoenix Accelerate, Rota
Media Partners: Philippine Daily Inquirer, Autocar, Wheels PH, James Deakin, C! Mag, AutoIndustriya, ESPN

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