What Color Would You Get For Your Toyota GR Supra?

After a long wait with an almost foregone conclusion–the new A90 Supra is officially available in the Philippines! Ranging from P4.99 to P5.09 million depending on your paint of choice, let’s just call it a P5 million car to make things simple. It also comes solely with the top-tier 3.0L straight six that puts out 335hp and 500Nm of torque–again making things simpler.

Red is the lowest priced color, in case you were wondering

The dilemma comes when deciding what shade to get it in though. The classic Prominence Red is sure to be a hit, but we think it looks equally good with every color option available–even that Lightning Yellow! If you were grabbing a Mark V for yourself, which would you pick?

As close to Fast and the Furious‘ orange car as you can get
White Metallic: super clean
Black Metallic: stealth, if only the car wasn’t such a head-turner already
Silver Metallic: don’t call it plain!
Ice Gray Metallic: this author’s personal favorite–for now
Deep Blue Metallic: just like the Type R, Toyota’s latest also looks great in blue
Matte Storm Gray: the most interesting of all, the sole matte option from factory

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