Ready for Round 2: AEG-Toyota Balintawak Obengers Alex Brown

Standing on top of the charts in the AM Class and third overall in the Giti-Formula V1 Challenge, it’s probably safe to say things have gone better than expected for Alex Brown of the AEG-Toyota Balintawak Obengers racing team.

The 16-year old Fil-Singaporean karting champ has a strong background in competition, having raced since he was eight, but he reiterated that it’s still a very new experience for him to be racing in a Formula V1 car versus a kart.

“I would say it’s like a totally different sport–you have to deal with the suspension, shifting, heel and toe…even beginning from a standing start which I’m not used to, I feel like I still have a lot to learn!”

After dominating his class in Round 1, he shared post-race that, “For this weekend I feel like I was able to do my best to translate everything I learned from go-karts… I came into this weekend with no expectations! I just wanted to learn as much as I can, because it’s a long season ahead. The wins are a bonus I’m happy about!”

Asked if the pace was comparable to his karting days, Brown exclaimed, “Oh yeah, much faster than karting. before on a track walk it would just be about lines, now I have to think what gear I need to be in this corner!”

After calling BRC an “interesting” track due to its tight, bumpy constraints, Brown will be returning to the site of his first-ever drive in the V1: Clark International Speedway. A more familiar setting, but he isn’t taking it for granted: “We’re reviewing a lot of Go-Pro footage from Round 1. To learn everything I can use for the next couple of legs!”

Will Alex Brown make it to the top spot and head to Suzuka? He has to win at Round 2 at CIS on July 20-21 first!

Phoenix Pulse together with Tuason Racing presents the Giti-Formula V1 Challenge
Sponsored by: West Race Cars Japan, OMP, AEG Powertools, Phoenix Accelerate, Rota
Media Partners: Philippine Daily Inquirer, Autocar, Wheels PH, James Deakin, C! Mag, AutoIndustriya, ESPN

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