Stars In Race Cars: The Giti-Formula V1 Level Up Challenge 2019!

One of the main highlights of the Formula V1 car is that it is a localized and cost-effective formula car–thus providing a sustainable step-up for Philippine motorsports.

The other highlight would be its truly analog nature, with no driver aids, that puts the emphasis on individual skill–and this raw driving feel is what a trio of stars experienced firsthand in the first ever Giti-Formula V1 Level Up Challenge!

With P50,000 to be donated to their charity of choice on the line, TV host Jinno Rufino, actress and presenter Phoemela Baranda, and radio personality Sam YG took to Clark International Speedway to see who would be the fastest in the Formula V1.

Being Vios Cup veterans, the trio would be following the path of drivers in the one-make series who have also leveled up into the highest form of Philippine racing. To guide them, current Formula V1 racers Dominic Roque and Gaby Dela Merced served as coaches: Dominic for Jinno and Phoem, while Gaby paired up with Sam.

With their competitive natures on full display, stay tuned for the Giti-Formula V1 Level Up Challenge’s first episode on September 20 during Sportscenter Philippines on ESPN5! The full schedule is as follows, make sure to catch Sportscenter on these dates!

  • September 20 – Episode 1
  • September 21 – Episode 2
  • September 22 – Episode 3
  • September 27 – Episode 4
  • September 28 – Episode 5
  • September 29 – Episode 6
  • October 4 – Episode 7
  • October 5 – Episode 8

We’ll also be releasing the episodes right here on the brand-new alongside all our Formula V1 news, racer lifestyle stories, tech tips, and other content! So even if you can’t catch it live on TV, you’ll still be able to watch to find out who was the best at trash talking! And more importantly: who pulled off the best time in the slalom to be crowned the Level Up Challenge winner?

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