Racer Rides: Raymond Ronquillo’s 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo and 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia

It’s no secret that Raymond Ronquillo has a garage to die for, but have you ever wondered which cars in the collection are his personal favorites? The Frontrow Racing Team driver tells us that it happens to be a pair of very wide exotics!

Bulls on parade! photo by @1nati.hd

What’s the story behind the cars?
It’s been my dream ever since I was still a kid to have these kinds of cars. The Gallardo was from Dubai, I imported the car in 2015. I got Ferrari 458 Italia from Derek Ramsey, he traded it to me to get a newer 458 Spider.

What inspired the widebody conversions?
It was 2017 when Keith Bryan Haw and I started to look at the projects of Liberty Walk from Japan, if you go to @libertywalkkato you can check out his supercar projects and other cars that he made the kits from scratch and they really look awesome!

And way back in 1995 I already really loved wide cars and wide bodykits, so we built the two cars with the following details.

Bodiykits by Liberty Walk Japan @libertywalkkato
Wheels by DPE Wheels USA @dpewheels
Air suspension by Car Porn Racing @hailtothe_king
Paint by Alex Restoration and Jworks Unlimited @alexisip @jworks_unlimited
Interior by Leather Plus
All other parts were supplied by Import Hookup @kbh_kbh

Such as the car’s twin-turbo parts!

What are the pros and cons of modifying cars for you?
Modding and making the car look different is really my passion, I love building cars with the right parts and right connections to get and buy them.

The pros of modding cars is that it makes my heart pump! You can say it’s happiness that money can buy, ha ha!

As for the cons of modding, if you’re planning to sell the car later, you can’t reimburse all the parts that you put with the next buyer–even if you put the best parts! But, at least I’m happy, ha ha! Everyday is a memorable drive for me, especially when we do breakfast every Sunday morning with my car guy friends!

We could create five installments of this series from his garage alone!

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