Season Finale Preview: Round 3 of the 2019 Giti-Formula V1 Challenge

Saying the past two rounds of the Giti-Formula V1 Challenge, presented by Tuason Racing and Phoenix Pulse, have been intense is an understatement. Over six races, we’ve seen new young talent rise, hard-fought veteran duels, unexpected eliminations, an extremely tight title race, and, last but not least, tons of quality wheel-to-wheel action from the highest tier of racing in the country. And they’re about to heat things up even more as they go all-out in Round 3!

When the homegrown formula series with one of the largest grids in the country heads back to Clark International Speedway on October 19-20, its ranks will have grown even more with the entry of Vietnam’s experienced Rich Pham–a modern gentleman racer with a background in formula racing.

In the Pro Class, title contenders Ryo Yamada and Estefano Rivera are currently separated by a single point in favor of the Japanese driver after Rivera’s dramatic win in the rain at the end of Round 2.

With Round 3’s reverse grid and double points system in play though, anything could still happen. AM Class leader and 16-year old revelation, Alex Brown, sits third overall and could easily leap past the duo in a similar manner to the young Luis Gono snatching the crown in 2018!

A Formula Masters test at Sepang with Eurasia Motorsports awaits–a prize that ties in with Formula V1’s goal to be a stepping stone for Filipino racers to compete in global motorsports.

And there is also the grand prize: a coveted race at Suzuka Circuit against the Formula V1 and Vita champions of Japan awaits the series winner. We expect nothing less than 101% from all the racers in October who want to secure the race of a lifetime! See you at CIS on October 19-20!

The Giti-Formula V1 Challenge is also supported by West Race Cars Japan, OMP, AEG Powertools, Phoenix Accelerate, Rota, Oakley, Eurasia and Don Papa Rhum.

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