#TRTECH: Replacement vs. OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

When it comes to car parts, there’s a big difference in pricing among the three–using a Subaru’s stud bolts for example–and a clear difference in quality too.

When it comes to parts as small and “uncool” like these bolts for your wheels, which level of parts do you go for? To help you decide, here are some photos for your direct comparison.

Why “pang-Nissan?” That’s because these have the same thread pitch as Subaru bolts–and no one carries those in Banawe. And at P100 each, it’s very kind on the wallet.
You can get these for cheaper from a third-party store, but for benchmark purposes, these come straight from the official parts counter. The quality difference is as clear as the price difference from a replacement.
Spend on these and you’re all but guaranteed to never replace your stud bolts again. These look so good and are made so well that it almost feels like a shame to hide them! But is it worth it at double the price?

Owners usually follow the same reasoning for choosing one of the three.

  • Replacement: If they last a year that’s okay–I can replace them twice and still spend less than using OEM parts.
  • OEM: The manufacturer (and their R&D) knows best.
  • Aftermarket: The OEM part failed and I want something that won’t let me down again.

Which school of thought do you follow when it comes to your ride?

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