Ready for Round 3: The Season’s Lessons For Phoenix’s Young Driver Raffy Rabe

With six races of Formula V1 action under his belt, it’s safe to say Phoenix’s Young Driver’s Program winner, Raffy Rabe, is definitely not the same racer that he was at the start of the 2019 season. With a podium finish already secured, the next-generation superstar shares his thoughts on his personal growth so far and how he’s looking forward to ending the season on a high by securing all the double points he can get in Round 3!

You have six races of experience now, are there still rookie jitters or nerves for you?

To be honest, yes, I still get nervous because we are nearing the end of the season. Since I was able to bag a podium finish during the last race weekend it gives the expectation that I would be able to do it again consistently! Although I can say that my nervousness isn’t as much as the first race weekend–I’m definitely more confident now.

After two rounds, what memorable lessons have you learned about the non-driving part of being a racer?

I have learned so much that I can’t explain everything! It’s so different from when I was racing with my own car in a different league. A major thing is that I have a whole team now: a pit crew, a coach, mechanics, and all other kinds of stuff such as the data loggers–I can see where exactly I’m getting faster or slower and it’s a great help because I never had those before.

What do you think of the reverse grid and double points system that will take effect in Round 3?

The reverse grid positions that would take effect in Round 3 would greatly help in creating a tighter and more intense race. It would show true driving skills because the overall 1st placer would have to overtake a lot more now rather than just having a good start and holding the lead from there!

The double points would really help me and the others who are chasing a top three finish for the season. If I were to get a podium finish and those ranking ahead of me don’t, there’s a possibility I could decrease the gap and place 2nd or 3rd in the season results–and this goes for all the drivers as well.

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