WATCH: The Giti-Formula V1 Level Up Challenge 2019 Episode 3

The Formula V1 race car has a truly analog nature, with no driver aids, that puts the emphasis on individual skill–and this raw driving feel is what a trio of stars experienced firsthand in the first ever Giti-Formula V1 Level Up Challenge! These race-proven celebs are battling for bragging rights as well as P50,000 for the charity of their choice.

Next up is sports anchor Jinno Rufino! Does he have an advantage as a self-proclaimed “part-time race car driver?” Jinno has a few seasons of seat time under his belt, but he was still pretty impressed with his first drive in the country’s only homegrown formula car. See his thoughts in Episode 3:

He also espouses the benefits of his height!

Episode 4 premieres next Friday, September 27, on ESPN5’s Sportscenter Philippines and back here on so stay tuned!

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