Ending on a High Note: Phoenix’s Young Driver Raffy Rabe

From a promising young talent selected from a pool of over 300 hopefuls in Phoenix’s Young Driver’s Program, Raffy Rabe has surely grown into a bonafide racer at the end of his pioneer campaign in the 2019 Giti-Formula V1 Challenge.

His weekend at Round 3 started off in one of the worst ways possible: with a disabled car and a DNF after the multiple car collision that occurred right after the green lights flashed for the opening Race 7.

Rabe spins off track (right) as several cars come together – Photo by Jet Rabe

This mirrored the first ever Formula V1 race for the young Phoenix driver, as he spun out and was unable to finish in his series debut. However, he pushed on from that demoralising setback and managed to recover and grab 4th place in the third race of Round 1.

His comeback drive to grab third in the AM Class during the final race of the season is even more impressive considering the rest of the drivers on the grid were going all-out to secure the best final standing possible. At the press conference after the race, Raffy shared that he was eager to continue his journey in 2020, saying that “hopefully [I can race] next year, I really want to continue in Formula V1 and work my way up to other forms of motorsports.”

He also praised the community of the Philippines’s first homegrown formula series and the thriving motorsports scene in the country, sharing that, “I’d like to thank the whole community of racing here in the Philippines. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you’re here, when you’re racing. There’s not much bad blood [between competitiors] and it’s just amazing.”

There’s still one more drive awaiting Raffy when he links up with the rest of the Young Driver’s Program winners: Tara Laconico and Patrichk Dela Rosa, as they form Phoenix Racing Team’s roster in the Ultra 4 Hours Endurance Race on November 16 at CIS!

The Giti-Formula V1 Challenge is presented by Phoenix Pulse Technology and Tuason Racing. Sponsored by Giti Tires Philippines, West Racing Cars, OMP, AEG Powertools, Phoenix Accelerate, Rota Wheels, Oakley, Eurasia, FamilyMart, and Don Papa Rhum.

Media partners: Autoindustriya, Autocar, Wheelsph, Jamesdeakin.com, C!Magazine, and ESPN 5

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