All-Star Cast! Phoenix Pulse Unveils Ultra 4-Hour Endurance Team

In the motorsports world, endurance races are often regarded as the ultimate test of both man and machine, and Phoenix Pulse has just revealed its drivers who have been hard at work preparing themselves for the Ultra 4-Hour Endurance Race at the Clark International Speedway on November 16.

Patrichk Dela Rosa, the 19-year old Philippine GT Driver of the Year in 2016/2017 and Phoenix Young Driver’s Program finalist, finally gets his chance to step up the ladder and compete behind the wheel of the Formula V1. Coming from a touring car background, Patrichk looks forward to driving the country’s first homegrown formula car and believes it is more than suitable for an endurance event. “It’s hassle-free when it comes to pit lane jobs, and I also guarantee we’ll complete more laps versus other cars because it’s extremely lightweight and the engine is very reliable.”

His first team mate in getting those laps is none other than Phoenix Young Driver, and the team’s current Formula V1 AM Class driver, Raffy Rabe. Raffy is eager to test his skill in a format very different from his past experiences in the quick Flat Out Race Series and Touge Battle events and even the regular Formula V1 season. “The endurance race focuses more on strategy. We can’t just blast off driving like it’s a normal race. Pacing is very important to keep the car running throughout the four hours so we have to strategize and coordinate as a team.”

At 15 years of age, Tara Laconico is the third finalist of the YDP search and the youngest driver of the team. Despite her junior status, she already holds an FIA/AAP Junior International Karting License and has also recently qualified for the Sodi World Finals in Venice–a high-point in her young career. Tara’s eager to show what she can do in a bigger vehicle, sharing that “I’ve had a few testings and it’s a very special experience–it’s as if it’s in the middle of being a professional one-seater race car and a go kart. It’s the perfect transition from karting, the main difference is the shifting and that’s something I’ll adapt to!”

Finally, another veteran racer and very familiar face joins the team as celebrity racer and Phoenix endorser Rhian Ramos returns to action! A pioneer driver in the first-ever Vios Cup, Rhian has also joined other competitions since then and recently placed 1st runner up in the Expert B Class of the 2015 Philminiracers series. Being a true enthusiast, she looks forward to the analog nature of the competition car. “It’s a fun car to drive because it takes you back to basics. No power steering and you have to be heavy on the brakes. For the same reasons, it will be a challenging endurance car and I imagine my arms and legs getting tired after the first twenty minutes!”

With a mix of Patrich Dela Rosa’s confidence, Raffy Rabe’s seasoned experience, Tara Laconico’s rookie talent, and Rhian Ramos’ driving enthusiasm, Phoenix PULSE has assembled a lineup that is not only skilled but features a balanced mix of driving personalities. Each racer’s unique mindset will definitely come into play during their hour-long stints, and give the Phoenix team an excellent shot at the prize.

See you all on November 16 for the Tuason Racing Raceday featuring the Ultra 4-Hour Endurance Race and the Phoenix PULSE Supercars Trackday!

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