Road to Suzuka: The Track’s Most Famous Race Ever!

The Japanese Grand Prix usually comes late in the Formula 1 season, and that means many championships have been decided in the land of the rising sun. While F1 made its debut at Fuji Speedway in 1976, it’s been held at Suzuka’s 5.8-kilometer long confines since 1987 (sharing duties with Fuji for a short time in the 2000s) and is one of the formula series’ oldest active tracks.

It’s also a favorite of fans and drivers alike because of its challenging turns, overall high-speed, and rare figure-eight layout in which the track loops over itself with the use of an overpass! It also didn’t take long for Suzuka to cement itself in F1 memory as the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix saw one of the most famous rivalries of all time be decided in controversial circumstances. Here’s the official recap from Formula 1’s YouTube channel:

When Giti-Formula V1 Challenge champion Estefano Rivera takes to the track this weekend, he’ll be driving the same tarmac as countless legends! He’s been busy practicing on his simulator, but we have a feeling he’s watched many on-board videos too–just like former V1 driver, Daniel Miranda’s race when he received a special invite to Suzuka earlier this year too!

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