A Look Back: The 2019 Year-End Review for Tuason Racing

Established in 1999, Tuason Racing School (TRS) is the first and only professional racing school in the country, aiming to provide a complete ladder to motorsports and drivers training. Since then, expansion and improvements have made it the dynamic company that it is today.

This year, Tuason Racing is celebrating its 20th year with a bang as 2019 has been one of the best years for the company. Looking at some of their most popular events, it is indeed a proof why Tuason Racing is still running and now, the longest-reigning company in the local motorsports scene.

The 2019 business calendar of the company has a climax of a week-long series of events, car exhibits, seminars, launch, and other programs that coincided with the expertise of the company.

Here are some events that brought color to Tuason Racing’s 2019 business calendar:


Formula V1 is the first homegrown formula car program in the country and the flagship series in the rebuilding of Philippine motorsports. Season 2 returned this year with more experienced teams and a wealth of new, talented drivers. With that dream drive at Suzuka at stake, all nine races of this season were heart-stopping and full of drama! To top it all, champions come together for the culminating event of the Formula V1 Season 2 with a fun Ultra 4-Hour Endurance Race


This year, Tuason Racing achieved another milestone in the business for running the Giti Passenger Car Radial Launch together with Giti Global. It is the first international launch for both Giti and Tuason Racing. The entire series of events consists of track activities, lifestyle activity, formal training, and the grand launch. It was a very challenging event that required intense planning and organization for the company. Overall – it was superb!


For this season, Vios Racing Festival has been better with the introduction of Autocross Challenge to the event. It made the festival more inclusive and accessible to Filipinos by opening more slots to enthusiasts. Organising this event for Toyota along with Toyota Racing School, has always been a step forward towards Tuason Racing and Toyota Motor Philippines’ shared vision of strengthening and supporting the growth of motorsports in the country.


Ford Philippines has worked together with long-term partner Tuason Racing to bring the 12th year of Driving Skills for Life Program back on the road this year. Seminars with hands-on training were successfully conducted in different parts of the country from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao for the hope of achieving safer roads in the country.


Having another set of new graduates, CSS PH 2019 successfully trained riders to provide complete and integrated skills in motorcycle riding. CSS has trained over 150,000 riders worldwide, and in collaboration with the Philippines’ premier in the local motorsports industry, Tuason Racing became part of bringing CSS in Malaysia!

Tuason Racing’s rise to the top of the motorsports industry is never without challenges. Enormous production power, a devotion to speed and efficiency, a modicum of measured craziness in its people, and the willingness to throw around its amazing magic have all contributed to Tuason Racing’s domination of nearly every challenge it’s involved with.

The company’s burning desire to extend its ever-growing reach is at an all-time high for next year. The next big thing might be just on the horizon for the company.

Anyone excited for 2020? Stay tuned for Tuason Racing’s bigger and better 2020!

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