A Look Ahead to 2020 for Tuason Racing

Tuason Racing School (TRS), the premier professional racing school in the Philippines, has just capped off its successful 2019 event calendar. With popular events such as the California Superbike School and Formula V1 carrying on into the new decade, Filipino motorsports have a bright future ahead of it.

So what can we expect to see from the trail-blazing company?


The Ultra 4-hour endurance race for the Formula V1 last seen as the 2019 season-ender will now open the 2020 season as we gear up for higher stakes in the new year of Philippine Formula car racing. With the Formula V1 grid size upgrade, the endurance race will also be getting a boost in terms of competitiveness with several international teams from countries like Japan, the UK, China, Taiwan, and Korea with the possibility of several others. With a projected grid of already over thirty cars, this Formula V1 event will be the grandest endurance race the Philippines has ever seen.


The formula car series that aims to develop Filipino drivers with international level skills, and rewards these talented athletes with a chance to compete in the Vita-01 series in Suzuka Circuit, Japan. We could see a few exciting changes this year, with the first being a size increase of F1 proportions with twenty-two cars rounding out the grid. More celebrities have joined in the festivities as well as international teams such as the world-class Eurasia Motorsport, all in all; the upcoming season promises some exciting action. Last but not least, there is the handsome reward of not just one, but two racers earning a drive for the Vita-01 invitational race in Suzuka Circuit with an estimated sixty cars on the grid, making it quite the extravagant affair.


The bikes are back with the CSS program roaring in this coming February, with an already impressive 150,000+ certified riders. This seventh year promises to bring back that same excellence with its partner Kawasaki Motorcycles. Later in the year, we could also experience a crossover event with CSS in Sepang Circuit, Malaysia


The journey continues with Toyota Racing School and Toyota Motor Philippines, as the one-make series continues to grow the local motorsports community inviting all types of enthusiasts to join in a professional competition. There are plans to introduce a roadshow to promote the festival to the provincial Toyota dealerships and further propagate appreciation for motorsports in the Philippines.


A program with the noble goal of improving road safety and safeguarding motorists from future accidents brought about by a lack of knowledge. The company has combated this by opening up several avenues for introducing vital skills and information to Filipino motorists. From the beginning with their partner Ford to host Driving Skills for Life, then on to their own TRS Driver Development Academy, which offers classroom seminars, practical skills exercises, and portable online courses. With numerous accidents of varying degrees, mostly stemming from avoidable mistakes, TRS hopes to put their support forward and create safer drivers for a better Filipino future.

Tuason Racing School is at the forefront of Philippine motorsport and intends to continuously elevate local motorsport to an international level. Working tirelessly through the decade, they have prepared to move into the new year. With their lofty goal in mind, the team has planned their 2020 to make what was once a vision into reality.

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