Best 9 Stories of Tuason Racing from 2019

Best 9 Stories of Tuason Racing from 2019

The 2019 season officially ended last December, which certainly left us with many memories. From the pre-season runs to the back and forth duels between the drivers, everyone was lining up in pursuit of further glory in the sport.

Many elements made 2019 the pinnacle, so we ranked the best stories of the year based on the highest social media exposure! Here are the best nine stories of 2019:

TOP 9: #AskJpTuason: Where Should I Start If I Want to Go Racing?

AskJpTuason is a video series of the Founder himself which answers questions about racing or motorsports in general. Safe to say, there is a rich volume of people interested in the sport because the series made it in our top hits list!

TOP 8: Rhian Ramos for Phoenix Pulse Racing Team

A veteran racer and very familiar face joins the team as celebrity racer and Phoenix endorser Rhian Ramos returns to action! Rhian Ramos was undoubtedly the prettiest racer on the grid!

TOP 7: Phoenix Young Drivers’ Program

Phoenix extends its support in elevating Philippine motorsports as it introduces the Phoenix Young Drivers Program – a sponsorship initiative that allows budding racers to become the next racing superstar.

TOP 6: OMP Helmet Giveaway

This OMP Helmet giveaway was way too exciting for our racing community! It was the most enormous amount of entries we received among all online contests TRS produced in 2019. Wow, are we all waiting for another one?

TOP 5: Giti-Formula V1 Tune-up Session

Giti’s super car track day and the first Formula V1 test day of 2019 made for a racing fan’s wet dream.

TOP 4: Level Up Challenge EP 5

Another veteran of the Vios Cup, Sam YG, is a self-proclaimed car guy and tells us he has all the needed attributes to win. And he delivers it in the humorous way that only he can! No wonder he got into the top of our list!

TOP 3: Toyota Racing School

The overwhelming volume of enrollment inquiries is proof of why Toyota Racing School made it on our list! Up to the time of writing, we’re still receiving inquiries from enthusiasts who want to level up in the sport!

TOP 2: Toyota Supra in the Toyota Racing Festival

A classic Prominence Red A90 Supra is sure to be a hit on its accent in the Toyota Racing Festival at Clark International Speedway. The superstar of the event made a few runs and looked equally goof with every Vios racing car in the grid.

TOP 1: Luis Gono carries PH flag at Fuji Championship Race

Luis Gono battles with Japan’s top V1 drivers at the Fuji International Speedway. Gono earned the lone slot for a Pinoy driver at the Fuji Championship Race when he bagged the championship title in the single-seater, open-cockpit race car based on a points system.

For us, 2019 has earned its place as another successful year for the company. And now, we’re facing another crown jewel – a new year ahead and loads of exciting opportunities for development!

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