The Giti-Formula V1 Challenge Season 3 Primer

The Formula V1 is back again in the new decade as the series kicks off in March 2020. So before the action starts up again let’s review the fundamentals of the series.


Formula V1 is the Philippines’ homegrown formula car series and the beginning of the country’s motorsports rebirth. The series also runs mandatory specifications for the engineering, which in turn prioritizes the skills of the drivers. With every team competing on the same level, the competition reduces cost and eases the weight of maintenance.

The semi-monocoque Formula V1 cars are produced by West Cars in Suzuka Japan. The Car uses rear wheel drive, mid engine layout with an open cockpit. It uses a 5 speed H pattern short shift and no driving aids such as ABS or Traction Control, making it one of the purest forms of motorsports available for intermediate level racing. The car can reach up to a top speed of 220kph and can achieve 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds. The Car comes with in-car brake bias for the front and rear disc brakes and a 1NZ 1.5Li (110HP) Toyota engine.


Day 1 of a Sprint Race consists of two 20 minute practice sessions–unofficial and official–before scrutineering and Qualifying Time Trials.

Day 2 consists of three 12 lap races. Race 1 grid position depends on QTT results, Race 2 grid position will be based on the results of Race 1–but with a reverse grid for the top four cars.


  • 1st – 20
  • 2nd – 15
  • 3rd – 12
  • 4th – 10
  • 5th – 8
  • 6th – 6
  • 7th – 4
  • 8th – 3
  • 9th – 2
  • 10th – 1

With the stakes running highest at the end of the season with a double points final race. The championship is up in the air till the final checkered flag!


CIS – Clark International Circuit will be the host to a majority of the FV1 events this year so what’s so special about this track? Well it is a 4.189 km speedway located in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. The full track has 18 turns and it runs in a counter-clockwise direction. A notable part of the track is the first corner from the main straight which has an uphill climb where the exciting scramble for positions happens at the start of every race.

BRC – Batangas Racing Circuit is a 3.700 km circuit situated in Rosario, Batangas. The full track is 14 turns and runs in a clockwise direction.

SC – Suzuka Circuit is the prize that every V1 racer hopes to attain at the end of the Championship. Our best drivers will get the chance to compete in this prestigious raceway. The entire course is 5.807 km, meanwhile the East circuit is 2.243 km, and the West course is 3.466 km.

Stay tuned as we assemble again for Season 3. See you there!

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