MotoNews: Latest Motorsports Stories Around The World

Formula 1

In the latest update from Formula 1, it appears that the agreement between Aston Martin and Red Bull will soon come to an end with Racing Point set to become the Aston Martin works F1 team. This comes at the hands of Canadian Billionaire Lawrence Stroll, who purchased a significant stake in the company. We could be seeing a Green Racing livery on the track in no time at all.

Formula E

The Sanya Grand Prix has been canceled due to the recent announcement of the coronavirus outbreak as an international emergency. This is the only Chinese GP on the calendar, which was slated for March 21. There are currently talks about how the season will be restructured to ensure the retainment of fourteen races on the calendar. Whether by the addition of a double-header or by rescheduling the Sanya GP remains to be seen.


Valentino Rossi has always had a penchant for four-wheeled vehicles, but the living MotoGP legend has still staked his living on his Superbikes. Recently, however, he entered into the Gulf 12 hours, racing alongside his friend Salucci and brother-in-law Marini. They used a Ferrari 488 GT3 and would compete in the Pro-am category. The race would see the group holdout in second for their category and fourth overall. A pitlane infringement would penalize the Audi leading the class, and Rossi’s team would receive the win.


The Indycar series is set to join much of the rest of worldwide motorsport and switch to Hybrid engines by 2022. The engine will come with a new chassis and supposedly last until the year 2027. The engine change would bring about differences in the current push to pass system as well as allow for drivers to restart their cars by themselves in the event of a stall. This could streamline any cautionary periods and maintain race pace.


The 2016 Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg spoke up recently about his karting academy. He took note of the success with one of his academy drivers winning the Karting World Championship in Sweden. His goal is to spread the ideal of what younger drivers should focus on. Rosberg believes that developing racers should spend more time growing their passion for the sport and understanding the inner workings of the business without rushing too quickly into it. With this ideal he hopes to see more success from the talents he trains without putting too much pressure on them.


Marc Marquez has to keep his celebrations fresh, especially after winning his eighth MotoGP championship. After winning his ninth race of the season, he secured the championship and capped it off with a special T-shirt, celebratory helmet, and even a pool table? He had a billiards set up complete with a referee to set up his cue, and ended the celebration by sinking an eight ball — what a way to celebrate.


Fernando Alonso has just claimed his first rallying podium racing in the Al Ula Neom Rally in Saudi Arabia. Alonso has been practicing alongside co-driver Marc Coma in preparation for the Dakar Rally next year. After several difficulties in other competitions, this third-place win will be good for accruing momentum and experience. Alonso will continue to join these other minor competitions, and how well he fares in the incredibly challenging Dakar Rally is yet to be seen.

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