Giti-Formula V1 Challenge Season 3 kick-offs with Endurance Race this April

This April, we once again gear up for the Formula V1 2020 season-opening event. The Endurance Race will run for the entire day with different festivities to enjoy. The morning begins with a roaring car club track day as enthusiasts take their prized rides out for a spin.

Following the relaxed opener comes the main event with the endurance race open to FV1 teams. We’ll see 22 V1s and an additional ten non-FV1 cars, making it over 30 cars on the grid with local and international teams joining in.

The rules of the event are simple. The race will run for four hours straight with the V1s running for about 40 minutes before pitting in for maintenance, refueling, and a driver change. This set up will allow three drivers to have about two chances in the car. There is also a two minute mandatory minimum for every pit stop. When the race period ends, the team with the most laps completed will be the champion.

When watching the event, it’ll be interesting to keep a note of the Japanese drivers as they are quite at home in the V1 cars. The previous winners were the Cleanfuel Racing team with Japanese racers.

Expectations or no, the event will fill the appetite of any racing enthusiast with the best of both worlds experience when they take to the track then later on cheering for their favorite V1 drivers.

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