Giti-Formula V1 Car Testing Experience: Transition from Karting to Single Seater Racing Cars

Motorsports enthusiasts tried Formula V1 cars

Experiencing motorsports is a different journey for everybody; there are so many entry points into this high adrenaline sport. You can begin young or old, through cars or karting, no one has the same path. My path started in karting at the tender age of 11, where my father strapped me in a loud cadet class kart with a heavy helmet and stuffy long sleeve shirt. I drove back and forth on a bumpy road which gave me a headache behind my eyes, right before I gave up they released me onto the track. 

What struck me was the smoothness of the asphalt clearing my mind, and off I went, still terrified but felt weightless driving down the straightway for the first time. It was too late for my young mind. I was already hopelessly addicted. Thus on my journey, I went through a lot of races and different levels of competition. 

The principal thing you learn with karting is the very basics of racing theory and practice. The movements are simple, and the machinery stripped down, it all comes down to fundamental skills and nerves of steel. Going for minuscule gaps, pushing your kart to the edge of its grip, breathing down your opponent’s necks, that is what driving in karting is about. 

It seemed like forever ago when I was then given a new opportunity. Test out a Formula V1 car, nothing too serious, just a quick practice session out with the car. Nervous, excited, unexpected emotions, but what I felt the most just sitting in the pits waiting my turn was a deafening impatience. I was a Formula driver ready to burn rubber. I was most excited to try out the gearbox,  which had some resistance when shifting, I felt like a real James Hunt type shifting up and down through the corners. I was so excited to be behind the wheel that I spun out, I lost control so hard I ended up backward and the car stalled. I had found the limit of what the car could take, and how much grip it could offer me. Leaving every corner, I had to course correct the car while I got on the power. 

All in all, it was a great experience, and the adrenaline was utterly different. That’s what real race cars feel like, something powerful and wild that is left up to you to tame to bring out all its potential.

Testing experience written by Arthur Tuason.

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