DIY Chain Replacement Guide For Your Beloved Bike

Is this that time already? You begin to notice something in your routine check as you admire your bike, and you know, sooner or later, it’s bound to that. If so, are you one of those who continually want to do things on your own and get your hands greasy? 

While there’s nothing wrong with consulting your casa with regards to your automotive’s never-ending list of repairs and maintenance (it’s a handful, we know), there is also no harm in learning and doing the basic to intermediate maintenance and part replacements yourself. In that way, you’ll be more in touch and adept at being a driver. 

Motorcycle Chain and Sprocket Replacement

Motorcycle Chains are one of your bike’s essential parts, linking your throttle, engine, and wheels all at the same time (well, it gets you moving too). The chain has three interconnected parts, the front and back sprocket, and the chain itself. Now, you notice that your gear is wearing out (it’s when the sprocket teeth are thin and looks worn out), it’s also the indication and chance to replace everything, sprocket and chain alike.  

First, of course, have your tools and parts ready. The prep is always the most important, being prepared in the whole process and for the unavoidable conflicts along the way enhances your knowledge and ability.

Second, loosen the front sprocket nut with a deep socket, along with the rear wheel’s sprocket nut as well, and then lift the bike using its’ stand or onto a motorcycle rack (for more stability).

Third, unlink the chains using a chain tool, removing the links and its connection of both front and back sprockets. Next, is to disconnect your rear wheel from everything connected to it, chain tension, rear axle, and its brakes. If your bike has a drum brake, remove the brake-adjusting nut, linkage, and brake stay, while if you have discs, remove the calipers connecting it. Then, remove the sprockets of your rear wheel, replacing with anew, and making sure to reinstall the bolts.

After so, it’s time to have the chains around the new sprockets and measure the length needed and adjust as necessary. Bring out the master link, apply the lube, and connect the two ends of the chain. 

Lastly, adjust the chain tension, locking the chain, sprocket, and rear wheel in place. Reassemble the brakes, making sure to install them and lock in place. Ensure everything is in place and locked in before using, remember, safety first! A new chain and sprocket will take you a long way. 

Chains need constant monitoring and maintenance by ensuring its’ proper lubrication, right adjustment, and cleanliness. Learning a thing or two in fixing your motorcycle gives you a sense of fulfillment and pride in using it (also, saving you the trip to the shop), then you’ll be on your way to swap out performance parts and special modifications for that extra boost and flair for your ride!

And that’s it! So when your bikes is all good and ready to roll, why not give it a ride and see us at Clark International Speedway? It’s the 7th California Superbike School Philippines this weekend! See you there!

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