The California Superbike School Philippines Experience: From Zero Confidence to an Improved Bike Riding Experience!

Returning to CSS as an almost complete greenhorn is a tough task on paper. I have never really done a lot of motorbike riding, especially not with the super bikes that they require in the courses. Having done the basic course of level 1 almost a year ago, having never touched another bike in that time had me worried for what was to come. I was excited of course but it came with some nerves that had me expecting the worst.

Level 2 was the agenda on that fine Sunday morning and I had a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R and it was faster than the previous bike I had last time. Excitement and nerves as people were watching the riders as they prepared for the first session. I was not yet used to the bike and I had some stalling issues from getting a little anxious with the throttle and clutch. Other than getting started however, the session went surprisingly well as I opened up to the speed and began to get used to how far you could take the corners before you go completely wide of the racing line. I also had to relearn constant concentration because even slight twitches on a bike moving at 100 mph could spell disaster, something which almost bought me a kiss with the asphalt.

The other sessions went much better as I got more and more comfortable with the bike, I could let loose with the throttle more, my lean angles got deeper, and the true aim of level 2 which was to improve rider vision became much easier to apply. The structure of the coaching system is also what played a huge part in the learning process as the CSS team mixed classroom sessions with immediate application. They complimented this with a hands-on approach as the coaches rode alongside you and helped repair any mistakes as soon as the session ended with a quick debrief. A great experience and event flow with a surplus of professionals that could also keep the sessions interesting even as the day wore on.

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