Sunglasses for your Summer Track Sessions or Sunny Vacay Drives

Seasons change, days are longer than what you expected, you’re exhausted than what you usually feel, and apparently, the sun hits your skin a little too harsh. That’s right, we feel you too, it’s officially summer!

It’s this time of the year again where we whip out our sunny-side, light-colored, skin-showing, and breezy outfits that we mix and match with different accessories complementing the mood set-off by the humongous star. We adjust by quenching our thirst with cold beverages, protecting our skin with sunscreen, and of course, shielding our eyes from the harmful and frankly annoying glares of the blazing ball of heavenly gas with sunglasses. 

“Wow yabang, naka-shades!” is what we usually hear when we meet up with family or friends, but aside from making you look cool and fashionable, sunglasses are practical additions to our ensemble. These little pieces of eyewear make huge differences with blocking out most Ultraviolet rays, emitted by the sun, that enter our atmosphere. UV rays are notoriously known for their radiation that is capable of damaging living tissues, much more our precious balls of sight, considered to be one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. And it is widely known that summer is the season where the sun is out and about, shining brighter than anything else in the world. 

Summer is also the season where we feel the need to leave the comforts of our home, setting out and seizing for what the long day has to offer. We look forward to loosening up from the stress of daily lives at work by imagining and planning out what to do, where to go, and who to bring. Would it be a sunny vacation drive to unwind or a hot and fast drive up the track?

Oakley Deadbolt in Satin Black

Whatever your choice may be, Oakley is here with you, well, not personally, but in the spirit of driving, accompanied by their new Ahyris Sunglass Collection. This collection offers four faces or moods for each drive. Deadbolt for a bold, new-look, too hot for the wheel; Coldfuse that takes ordinary to the next level; Apparition with the clean and neat look for the day; and Chrystl that is undoubtedly a head-turner. The collection is equipped with Oakley’s revolutionary Prizm Lens Technology that maximizes detail, giving a unique color for every sight to see.

There are limitless destinations for those sunny vacay drives together with our loved ones and barkada or driving your heart out and burning rubber on the track. Whether going to planned-out destinations or wherever the road may take you, go the extra mile better, with Oakley’s new Ahyris Sunglass Collection, and protect those eyes that sees ahead of you!

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