Tuason Racing and JP Tuason celebrates his birthday with long-time partners and sponsors

Tuason Racing has now enjoyed twenty-one years of success in the Philippine Motorsports scene. Starting in 1999, it began as a hobby business to remain involved with the sport, participating in many different series locally and internationally. Soon they began opening an entry-level school for those interested in the world of racing, and teaching karting clinics was the first stepping stone.

Over time, the events got more prominent, and soon different racing events were made more accessible to the public. Offering karting, touring cars, single-seaters, drifting, and many other kinds of events, the possibilities could run endlessly. The hobby business became a platform to make racing dreams come true for local talents.

All of this was then celebrated at Tuason Racing and JP Tuason’s birthday party last February 26 at Ovo Bar in Poblacion, Makati. The night was a celebration of the decade long journey of the company in the motorsports industry. Some attendees in the celebration were significant people in TRS history, as they all helped along in this small dream turned into a grand outcome we now experience today. These notables included long-time racers, James Deakin, Phoemela Baranda, Fabio Ide , and more.

Pushing forward with the endless pursuit is a new dream that Tuason Racing hopes to pursue this coming year, the next milestone is one that follows the path of technological innovation. Tuason Racing is entering the E-sports scene.

Tuason Racing plans to expand the local grassroots effort through healthy competition and incredibly rewarding stakes. With the creation of a virtual racing tournament, the grooming of a champion, and the excellent reward of a chance to represent the Philippines in the FIA Games at the end of the year. This international competition is a massive opportunity for our country to bring forth our fighting spirit, and also to fulfill the mission of Tuason Racing by uplifting the Filipino reputation as a worthy international competitor.

None of these past victories, defeats, learning experiences, even the fantastic party would have been possible without the sponsors and supporters. The team is ever thankful for all the hard work from everyone in the company working towards the dream. Grateful for the belief from its partners, sponsors, racers, and its professional team, the future is still long and fruitful. Tuason Racing will continue to reach for the stars and hopes that everyone who trusted in us will be alongside for the ride.

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