Must-Have Tools for Car Enthusiasts!

There are a lot of things in life that a person can enjoy, these could be seen in hobbies, jobs, or even both. Becoming a car enthusiast is one such path to happiness, and owning a car is only a small facet of that. Even maintaining your vehicle can become a source of delight, pride, and even sensibility by saving that maintenance money. This requires specialized tools. This article will give you the background information you need to start your own backyard grease monkey journey.

Socket Set

The first and most versatile tool is the Socket Set due to the different attachments and sizes that fit in a socket wrench for various nuts and bolts within the car. Proper sets will have sizes for both the standard and metric systems. There are options for both the powered and unpowered sets. The unpowered often make use of ratcheting socket wrenches, while the opposite makes use of impact wrenches.

Impact Wrench

The impact wrench is an automatic tool that can easily remove and attach lug nuts and the like. While providing minimal exertion in completing work, the drawback is the possibility of overdriving nuts, which can damage the car. AEG has a great option for this with the 18V 1/2” Impact Wrench, weighing only 2.4kg and can provide 360 Nm of torque this tool is both light and sturdy.
Wire cutters and Pliers are essential tools for handling the intricacies of a vehicle’s electrical wiring. Whether fixing up new stereos or replacing old headlights, these tools can help keep you safe and speed up the job.

Floor Jack

A car jack keeps the car suspended in the air for someone to perform maintenance from underneath. Therefore it is essential to have a reliable jack that can sustain weight consistently, as well as maintain a good grip on the frame.

AEG Omni -IR Rachet Head

The Air Ratchet is a tool similar to the Impact Wrench as it also deals with tightening and loosening nuts and bolts through delivering torque. The main difference is that it works on low to medium torque while the Impact wrench’s high power could quickly destroy.

LED Flood Light

Working in the dark would be disadvantageous for anyone, so whether working in a dark area or directly in the shadow of your car, a work light is a necessary tool. AEG has an 18V LED Floodlight, which would be perfect for assisting in any maintenance needs you may have.

Combination Basic Wrech Set

Despite the power and ease that powered wrenches provide, a good set of basic wrenches will be invaluable for various simple jobs that need finesse. So a good collection of 20 pieces of different sizes should be a great jumping-off point.

Screwdriver Set

A screwdriver is easily comparable to a wrench in terms of basic need for almost any kind of repairs. AEG also offers a powered screwdriver for ease of use in the 18V Brushless Collated Screwdriver, they also provide this in a complete set with two pro lithium batteries, an 18V smart charger, and LED light. There is also the option of getting a basic screwdriver set with 10-20 pieces being a good starting point for beginners.


Finally, a Multimeter which can assist with any electrical issues within the car. A typical multimeter can detect voltage, current, and resistance. The perfect tool to quickly diagnose what went wrong with your car’s wiring. A good model should be light, durable, versatile, easy to understand, and reliable.

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