Tuason Racing shapes “new norm” in PH motorsports Taking local motorsports in virtual world

Physically distant, but close in spirit. The on-going worldwide coronavirus pandemic deeply changed the Filipinos’ way of living – from the way people live, communicate and work. Even world-renowned events and sports activities have been cancelled and postponed indefinitely.

The gradual reopening of cities and provinces still comes with health restrictions, making us adjust and live the “new normal”. Contact sports, including motor racing, may still be not allowed in the new normal, with athletes and enthusiasts alike shifting to virtual racing and e-sports to keep their excitement as they wait for the reopening of the racetracks and their favorite sport leagues.

Adjusting to the new normal

When Metro Manila went to an Enhanced Community Quarantine last March, Tuason Racing quickly embraced its transition to online activities.

“We knew we wanted to be in the digital space as early as 2019. So we pushed forward all our digital events such as the young driver program online with a skew to help our frontliners. What was very interesting was this pivot to online racing was done while in lockdown without even one physical meeting with our team,” said JP Tuason, founder and CEO of Tuason Racing.

Meanwhile, the company has implemented a work-from-home scheme until the end of 2020 and will reassess its plans for 2021 later in the year.

Shift to Sim Racing

Sim or virtual racing may not be new in the e-gaming industry, but it has shaped the way gamers and enthusiasts see this game in the new normal. The Philippines’ pioneering professional racing school, Tuason Racing, took this opportunity to launch motorsports in the virtual world.

“There has been a continuous surge for online games during the lockdown. More and more people are doing games since there are limited live activities to do. In the US all gaming stocks are on a high showing that this is really the future,” said Tuason.

Since Sim racing is still at its infancy stage in the Philippines, according to Tuason, the racing school will lead the way in providing professional league for players to enhance their skills on the track and on online platforms.

Programs of Tuason Racing in the new normal

Apart from the recently concluded Race for Frontliners, Tuason Racing has new programs that were also launched on its social media platforms.

“We have decided that the whole 2020 will be work-from-home. We have moved to the digital arena by creating online race series. We have finished race for frontliners, Toyota has just launched their esports program The GR Supra GT Cup which we are helping organize and in August we are launching another online league on a PC platform along with a complimentary spectators program where they can make their own teams and win prizes. Aside from this we are creating weekly content for race enthusiasts called Riding shotgun conversations with TRS,” said Tuason.

Tuason Racing will also pioneer its new normal racing events later in 2020 featuring contactless racing on- and off-track.

Outlook on Philippine motoring industry in post COVID-19

Even though the world reels from the COVID-19 health crisis, JP Tuason remains positive that the automotive industry will soon recover and learn new things that they can apply in the future.

“It will recover as mentioned. Companies are evolving. It won’t be called car companies but mobility companies…they will surely find new ways. There will be some casualties but life goes on and those that will survive will thrive but probably not the same way we have seen in the past,” Tuason concluded.

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Photo Caption: Triathlete and columnist Jeanette Ipapo-Tuason, and CEO of Tuason Racing JP Tuason

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For concerns, kindly contact:

Mavelle Durian

PR Executive, Tuason Racing

+63 966 481 0828


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