Motorsports Marketing This Pandemic: How we are coping

The pandemic has significantly impacted different industries, including motorsports.

Following the initial shock caused by COVID-19, leading minds in the local motorsports industry like Tuason Racing created proposals and plans for getting the motorsports industry back on track, so racing action will be seen and experienced once again.

The collective input and subsequent proposals that contributed to racing and motorsport events can be continued—demonstrating to potential partners and sponsors that put a great deal of thought and planning into the upcoming efforts in line with the agreed protocols around making events COVID-19 safe.

With the industry coping up on a slightly different format, we need to ensure our clients create events with policies suitable for the COVID-19 safety protocols that were implemented. Health and safety should always be a top priority.

The sport is being more inclusive, with racing becoming digital through the medium of esports. With games like Sim Racing, it became a way to make the sport accessible to fans from the safety of our homes, blurring the line between professional racers and gaming racers.

Esports offer a way for people from all backgrounds to get involved in motorsports, usually a sport being known to the wealthy, being the driver or a spectator of racing.

The rise of inclusivity in motorsports brings a lot of hope for the racing fans, helping the motorsports industry cope.

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