Filipino Motorsport Retrospective this pandemic.

Racing still finds ways to thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital Motorsports, also known as SIM RACING, has become widely popular in the country today. This growing past time consists of racing virtually and online using a computer and a gaming console.

Donation drive for the frontliners with Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero

Its popularity started back in 2015 by Nissan GT Academy, which paved the way for racer Jose Gerard Policarpio crowned as the Asian Champion.

The pandemic led to Racing enthusiasts turning to virtual racing to re-ignite their passion for the sport.

Among the first to recognize this shift is Tuason Racing. Last year, Tuason Racing’s first foray into virtual racing was the “Race for Frontliners” event, which ran from April to June last year and raised over P400,000 in donations used to provide PPEs and supplies to our front liners.

GT Sport is well-known, and players of all skill levels participated while driving different cars on (virtual) racetracks worldwide.

After that, dozens of virtual races emerged to satisfy racing fans’ craving for fast-paced competition. Different sim-racing events on various platforms and software were used, from GT Sport and Dirt2.0 on Playstation and Assetto Corsa on PC.

Iñigo Anton – Phoenix Young Drivers’ Program Race For Frontliners Champion

Digital motorsports are a tangible form of Motorsport because the skills learned while playing can reflect real-life racing.

With these efforts, a growing community has emerged consisting of real-life racers and gamers. It will for sure continue to increase even after the pandemic ends and real-life races are back.

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