#TuasonRacingThrowback: Racing dreams fueled on Formula V1 Fantasy League 2020

Tuason Racing continues to live up to its goal to fuel Filipino’s racing dreams through organizing Formula V1 Fantasy League last year.

In partnership with Phoenix Pulse,  This virtual race gave racing fans the opportunity to join and live the track experience. It is perhaps very relevant nowadays, given the situation brought up by the pandemic.

The Formula V1 Fantasy League also gave non-gaming racing fans the chance to be team owners and win some awesome prizes from Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, LG Philippines, BlueChem Philippines, and Toptul.  This one-of-a-kind virtual race provided much-needed entertainment for all racing enthusiasts.

Celebrity drivers like Rhian Ramos and Phoemela Baranda were part of the race, proving that even women can bring up their A-game on the race tracks!  The two of them engaged in the field of motorsports for the past couple of years. Notably, both women participated in other local racing events like Vios Cup and Formula V1 endurance race, allowing them to develop their racing skills inside the track.

Participants could choose their bets from more than 80 racers who will contend for the Amateur, and Pro crowns this season. The actual race car drivers and esports will battle on a PC Based racing game called Assetto Corsa.

This event has some of the best-known local racers and professional sim racers in the country.  Estefano Rivera, Maila Alivia,  Joaquin Garrido, Joaquin Garrido,  Iñigo Anton, Luis Moreno, Terence Lallave, Daryl Brady and Andre Varquez graced the race tracks to provide its much-needed action.

The best thing about this race is that participants can invite their friends to join the competition and build their teams.

Tuason Racing wants to continue the excitement and great camaraderie of the racing community, this time with non-racers and gamers through this league. And the good news is, TRS is going to provide more platforms for racing and motorsports events that everyone can enjoy.

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