Race Team Rundown: Frontrow Racing Team takes flight on Formula V1

Throughout the racing events Tuason Racing has organized, we continue to discover more teams on the race track. Another group that we were able to see flourish is the Frontrow Racing Team.

Frontrow International, a health and wellness and events company, entered the world of automotive Racing with their debut at the first round of the Formula V1 race back in 2018.

The outcome of the team’s first foray into automotive Racing was a success, as they finished second solid overall in a field of 15 Formula V1 cars. It was a motivation to the newly-minted racing team to be a team to look forward to in future racing events.

Driving the Frontrow-Foilacar Formula V1 race car is a veteran racer, Don Pastor.

Pastor, who flew into the country to compete in the Formula V1 Series, is all praises for the Frontrow race car because of its lightweight construction and suspension set-up. The car performs very well on fast corners and straight-line acceleration. Competing in the V1 for the Frontrow-Foilacar team is a good off-season practice for Pastor as well.

According to Pastor, This wouldn’t be possible without their team principal Sam Versoza and team manager Lester Codog who allowed him to race in this series.

Fast forward to 2019, Frontrow Racing joined the race once again with one of the most recognizable faces on the Giti-Formula V1 challenge grid, Raymond Ronquillo.

Ronquillo admitted that he felt a lot of pressure during the race, especially knowing that sponsors Sam Versoza and Frontrow Racing Team give full support to his Racing. Frontrow even got a British race engineer to check his faults and to get faster lap times.

But everything was worth it for Ronquillo, as it turned out as an eventful season for him and the whole team.

Frontrow Racing may be new on the race tracks, but they continue to surprise the racing community in more ways than one. 

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