Get to know our Phoenix Pulse YDP Celebrity Racers: Simon Joseph Javier and Cherizawa

Phoenix Pulse Young Driver’s Program-Celebrity Showdown’s 1st episode was just aired last Friday, June 11, and fans are more excited than ever to get to know the 8 celebrity racers who will battle it out to be part of the Phoenix Pulse Racing Team.

First on the list is 22-year old content creator Simon Javier, who became widely popular because of his comedic content and #SimonSays series on TikTok, which helped him to garner 5 million followers in the popular social media platform.

The bubbly and positive Simon loves making people happy with his comedy yet inspiring skits that made him well-loved by his fans from all ages. 

“This competition is a big opportunity for me to showcase my talents, and I am so pumped to be here in the competition, to be honest I’m a newbie, hindi ako masyadong big racing fan pero I’m willing to learn and willing to grow from this.”  he shared.

Next up is popular Facebook Gaming Streamer Cherizawa who plays video games for a living, as she shared on the first episode.

Cherizawa has a strong following not just on Facebook, but also on Instagram and TikTok with her striking beauty and gaming content which made her a well-liked gamer and social media personality.

“Even though I’m in ESports already, wala ako experience sa ganitong laro, hindi ko pa na-try makipag-race ever.”  she shared.

These social media stars are ready to unleash the inner racer in them on the show, so catch them on the next episodes of Phoenix Pulse Young Drivers Program-Celebrity Showdown on these dates:

2nd episode: June 18

3rd episode: June 25

4th episode: July 2

5th episode: July 9

 Get ready to experience the  pulse-racing web series on Phoenix Petroleum’s Facebook page ( and Youtube channel (, with replays on the Limitless App.

You can also catch the action on Tuason Racing’s Facebook page ( tuasonracing)

The Phoenix Pulse Young Driver’s Program-Celebrity Showdown is made possible through Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.,  Tuason Racing, GITI-Tires, Family Mart and LIMITLESS, with special thanks to Peugeot Philippines, Apex Sim Racing and Clark International Speedway.

Phoenix Pulse Young Driver’s Program-Celebrity Showdown Episode 1

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