Phoenix PULSE Young Driver’s Program Celebrity Showdown RECAP: Team Work Makes The Dream Work

After getting to know the 8 celebrity racers who will battle it out to become the Phoenix PULSE Young Drivers’ Program-Celebrity Showdown champion,  they will now face a series of challenges that will test their focus, strength and patience.

From left to right, Patricia Reyes, Kim Baranda, Marco Gumabao, Michelle Dee, Simon Joseph Javier, Vitto Marquez, Joshua Dionisio and Cherizawa

After their first taste of competition via online drag race, Some useful skills playing that game as it is billed as a real driving simulator, meaning that the vehicle behaviors and race track contours are as realistic as they can be. 

After that, the top 2 racers  who led the pack for this challenge are namely Michelle and Joshua  and they got the opportunity to pick their teammates for the next set of challenges.

From individual racers, they were divided into two groups. Michelle picked Marco, Kim and Vitto to form Team Acceleration, while Joshua chose Pat, Cherizawa and Simon and named as Team Power.

Team Acceleration
Team Power

Both teams now got to test their teamwork through GITI-Tires Tire Change Challenge.

Each team will work as the pit crew and will stimulate a real pit stop by changing a tire on the Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 racecar on the pit box. The team leader will assign a task to each member during the pit stop.

Who will win this challenge? Find out on the next episode of Phoenix PULSE Young Driver’s Program- Celebrity Showdown!

Catch it on Phoenix Petroleum’s Facebook Page and Youtube Channel tonight at 8:00pm with replays on the Limitless App.

You can also catch the action on Tuason Racing’s Facebook and Youtube Channel.

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