Phoenix Pulse Young Drivers’ Program-Celebrity Showdown Recap: Let The Pulse-Racing Action Begin!

After going head-to-head on GITI-Tires Tire Change Challenge,  Team Power (Joshua, Pat, Cherizawa and Simon) emerged as the winner for this challenge.

The team was ahead of 3 seconds to Team Acceleration (Michelle, Marco, Vitto, Kim).

Team Acceleration then realized that this is gonna be a rough competition, with Michelle taking the blame for her team. “When it was time to put back the tire, I forgot to press the button that makes the screw to turn the other way.” Michelle shared.

Marco also admitted that his team rattled because at first they saw how slow Team Power was during practice, realizing that their competitors can’t be easily beaten.

Team Acceleration on GiTi Tire Challenge

Team Power’s Joshua also shared that having a light, no-pressure vibe made his team win the challenge.

But the competition is not yet over as they head on to their first on-track challenge, The Phoenix Fuel Go-Kart Challenge, which is also the immunity round.

Each team will run a relay style race around the track which will include a refueling stock using Phoenix Fuels. The team with the fastest time  will move on to the next challenge while the losing team will have to do the elimination round.

This time, Team Acceleration was able to win the challenge, while Team Power moves forward to the elimination round which is Online Dirt Racing.

Joshua won the elimination round but he also has to choose who to eliminate, which makes it harder for Team Power. He then chose Cherizawa and Simon to be eliminated, while Patricia stays in the competition and head on to the next challenge with Joshua.

Cherizawa and Simon Javier

Find out  the next challenge Phoenix PULSE Young Driver’s Program- Celebrity Showdown’s 4th episode!

Catch it on Phoenix Petroleum’s Facebook Page and Youtube Channel this Friday, July 2 at 8:00pm with replays on the Limitless App.

You can also catch the action on Tuason Racing’s Facebook and Youtube Channel.

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