Watch to Win: Limitless Possibilities on the Phoenix Pulse Young Drivers’ Program-Celebrity Showdown

Indeed, Limitless Possibilities are in store for our remaining 6 celebrity racers in the competition.

After a heartbreaking elimination round for Team Power, Facebook Gaming Queen Cherizawa and TikTok heartthrob Simon Javier exits the competition, with Joshua making the very hard decision to eliminate his teammates and to choose Pat to stay.

Joshua Dionisio and Patricia Reyes then moves forward to the competition as they compete again individually through another physical race, The Slalom Challenge.

Slalom Challenge

The celebrity racers geared up to drive through the slalom course with the fastest time and not hitting any of the cones.

Top 4 celebrity racers with the fastest time will advance to another final round which will determine who’ll be up for the much awaited final challenge.

Find out who’s the top 4 racers on Phoenix PULSE Young Driver’s Program- Celebrity Showdown’s 4th episode!

Catch it on Phoenix Petroleum’s Facebook Page and Youtube Channel this Friday, July 2 at 8:00pm with replays on the Limitless App and get a chance to win prizes from Phoenix Petroleum as well!  

You can also catch the action on Tuason Racing’s Facebook and Youtube Channel.

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