Phoenix Pulse Racing Team Profile: Get To Know Andre Varquez

It is always inspiring to see passionate, young talents bringing out their best to show what they’ve got, we can consider ourselves blessed as we get to see aspiring racers reach the finish line in Phoenix PULSE Formula V1 Virtual Cup’s 2nd Season.

Almost a hundred virtual drivers competed on the virtual race tracks and it is amazing to see them give their hundred percent on the competition.

Just like Phoenix PULSE Racing Team’s Andre Varquez who’s an AM Class Champion and now competed for the PRO Class in this race.

“I started racing virtually back when I was a kid, from various racing games on consoles, arcades in malls to proper sim racing events outside, where I got my first taste of emulated realistic car physics.” He shared.

Paul Faustino paved the way for Varquez to compete in FV1 Virtual Cup’s 1st season.

“He gave me an opportunity of borrowing his old racing wheel, thus giving me more leverage to compete in the first season of Phoenix Pulse’s Virtual FV1 series. As it progressed, a lot of opportunities came to me, like running in my first wheel-to-wheel race in an actual race track and winning my first virtual racing championship, for which I’m still thankful to this day.”

On where he gets his drive to race, Varquez shares that it’s the people who supported him since day 1 who pushes him to keep going.

“Though I don’t think much about “doing it for them” and enumerating all the what-ifs when preparing for a race. I’ll keep my head down and let the skills do the work, learn from mistakes, and always keep the mindset that anything can happen on the track. I’m somewhat hesitant and nervous but, I’ll just send it because only a few can experience this make-or-break opportunity.”

From competing on the race tracks, switching his energy to battle it out on the virtual tracks has been pretty interesting yet the hardest to start on. “Half of the journey of learning how a car moves to anything that I throw at it, I already knew it through sim racing, even the layout of the track, so translating it to the real world made so much sense with all the knowledge reflecting on whether I’m doing it wrong or right.”

Winning the 1st season of Phoenix PULSE Formula V1 Virtual Cup last year helped in his immersion with being one with the simulator compared to the small monitor he was using throughout the series. For him, Tuason Racing also gave him opportunities to learn the other side of racing by volunteering in the company’s different events such as Young Driver’s Program Celebrity Showdown that helped increase his interest in how he looks forward to making the Philippine Motorsports Scene a fun place both in the perspective of being a competitor and a being part of the team who makes all the events happen. It also boosted my self-esteem as a virtual racer and contributor, potentially striving for better.

The  former rookie in virtual racing is competing in an all-new season of the competition, and there is no stopping Varquez to show his fullest potential.

“Now that I’m in the pro class, it is not easy to maintain my standing, but I have to move up in the world. I’ll do my best to keep up with the greats under the Phoenix Pulse Racing Team, who will support both of us for the best.”

Get to witness Phoenix Pulse Racing Team’s Andre Varquez as he battle it out in the PRO Class on the virtual race tracks in the 2nd Round of Phoenix PULSE Formula V1 Virtual Cup Season 2!

Catch the action on Tuason Racing and Phoenix Fuel’s Facebook Page on October 2! See you at the virtual race tracks!

Phoenix PULSE Formula V1  Virtual Cup is presented by Phoenix Fuels, powered by PLDT Home and backed by Limitless, Family Mart and Apex Sim Racing and is also backed by Ribbon Arc Motorsports, Gran Turismo Philippines, Sim Racing PH, Automobile Association Of The Philippines and Seven Garage. With media partners C!Magazine, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Wheels Philippines, Time Attack Manila, Autodeal and Autocar Philippines.

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