The 2019 Giti-Formula V1 Challenge Round 2 Official Points Standings

With two-thirds of the season complete after an epic Round 2 at Clark International Speedway, this is how the official rankings of the 2019 Giti-Formula V1 Challenge looks so far:

Things are tight at the top of the table!

With a seat to race at Suzuka versus the V1 and Vita drivers of Japan at stake, our competitors will be eagerly looking forward to either cementing their lead or catching up with the double-points system of Round 3! The rewards at CIS on October 19-20 will be as follows:

  • 1st – 40
  • 2nd – 30
  • 3rd – 24
  • 4th – 20
  • 5th – 16
  • 6th – 12
  • 7th – 8
  • 8th – 6
  • 9th – 4
  • 10th – 2

Last year’s champion, Luis Gono, took full advantage of the double points and charged up the rankings in Round 3, coming from third overall and clinching the top spot by a single point. That was after battling it out from the rear due to the final round’s added twist of a reverse-grid system as well.

It looks like 2019 is going to be just like our first: it’s truly not over until the last checkered flag in this series–see you in October!

Phoenix Pulse together with Tuason Racing presents the Giti-Formula V1 Challenge

Sponsored by: West Race Cars Japan, OMP, AEG Powertools, Phoenix Accelerate, Rota, Eurasia

Media Partners: Philippine Daily Inquirer, Autocar, Wheels PH, James Deakin, C! Mag, AutoIndustriya, ESPN5

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