Struggles of a 15-year-old student Joaquin Garrido on studying while racing.

8-year old Wakkeen was brought to a Tuason Racing Clinic in Carmona and that’s when he got hooked on racing. He didn’t stop since then.

His dad also used to bring him to car shows and drift events at such a young age and introducing him to the beautiful world of F1 racing paved the way for Wakkeen to pursue the sport, practicing in years on how to be a fast but “swabe” driver.

Through the years, Wakkeen learned a lot about racing which also helped him to become the best that he can be outside the race tracks.

“My biggest learning in racing is how to balance time! Being a student while racing is hard, you are being given tasks in school, and you are driving at the same time – at times, there could be a lot on your plate, and that’s when balance comes in. As a race car driver, you don’t get a lot of free time as you spend it practicing or improving, so you find ways to do your schoolwork while driving.”

Now that the GITI-Formula V1 Race Challenge is on its last round, he looks forward to this weekend.

“I’m looking forward to the championship battle between me my other rivals on the track. For sure, it’s going to be a fun, and interesting race to drive in and watch !” he shared.

Wakkeen is up to compete with more racers for GITI-Formula V1 Race Challenge this weekend at Clark International Speedway!

ICYMI here is Round 1 GITI-Formula V1 Race Highlights.

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