Need New Tires? Here’s a Guide to Giti’s Entire Lineup!

The grand Magellan ballroom at Quest Hotel Clark was home for Giti’s international family last November 15 as Northern Automax Intersales, Inc.–the exclusive Philippine distributor of the Singapore-based brand–held Giti’s Enjoy Driving international gathering and formally launched their full range of Passenger Car Radials in the country.

Giti Tires Executive Director for International Marketing and Sales Chris Bloor, Giti Tires European Testing Operations Manager Martin Gibson, and Robert Franklin for International Sales and Marketing graced the stage alongside Northern Automax Intersales Inc. VP for Sales and Marketing, Mannix Ocampo, as they energized the 230 assembled distributors and media guests with Giti’s exciting plans to become an industry leader in the tire world.

Mr. Bloor gives a talk to the assembled Giti distributors and partners

Bloor reiterated that Giti needs the continued, strong support of their distribution partners to succeed in that goal and they’re also doing their part by not only innovating with their products, but also constantly creating new ways for Giti to directly reach their customers.

Mr. Ocampo hyped up the crowd alongside host Phoemela Baranda

The night ended with guests’ hand-written messages to Giti being flashed on screen and the positive mood showed everyone believed in Bloor’s toast speech: “The future is yellow!”

The Giti executives raise their glasses on stage

Do you need new tires soon and are interested in trying out Giti? Here’s a guide to figure out which is perfect for your ride.

GitiControl Series: for high-end and luxury cars

Available in 17-20” sizing for premium vehicles, the ultra-high performance GitiControl 288 and SUV880 tires combine great looks, high-speed performance, and a quiet ride for owners who want the best for their luxury sedans and SUV’s.

Giti’s motorsports experience was used to develop a racing-inspired tire compound while AdvanZtech Precision Handling technology gives the GitiControl a unique construction that locks together when the driving situation demands traction, yet does not give up handling and tire wear performance.

GitiComfort Series: for both large and compact cars

The 16-18” GitiComfort F22 and its 17-19” F50 stablemate are for large passenger car and SUV’s drivers respectively and feature AdvanZtech Noise-Reduction alongside brand-new silicon-oriented technology and mixing methods. The latter advancements by Giti reduce tire heat and rolling resistance, boosting fuel economy as well as giving the F22 and F50 improved wet driving dynamics.

The GitiComfort T20 comes in 12-16” sizing for small passenger cars and provides outstanding mileage and strong double-layer steel belt construction. AdvanZtech Silent Tire Technology uses advanced computer modeling to give the T20 an optimized tread pattern that also minimizes driving noise to go with its longevity and great value.

Giti4x4 Series: off-road, on-road, or a perfect mix for your SUV

A rapidly growing segment in the country, Giti4x4’s premium AT70 tire comes in 15-18” diameters and is an attractive, aggressive, and durable choice for off-roading vehicles. AdvanZtech Extra Durable Technology is used in the tank-inspired construction and works in tandem with the tread’s higher natural rubber content to provide the AT70 excellent resiliency on the trail.

For a mixture of tarmac and off-road use, the Giti4x4 AT100’s wedge pattern design with an S-shaped central rib provides a good compromise between on-road traction and mud-wrestling capabilities.

And for eating up the highway miles in the comfort of your SUV, the HT152 offers excellent fuel economy with enhanced wet grip thanks to the addition of functional resin and water-dispersing white carbon black in its construction.

GitiRunflat Series: for extra safety and convenience

For those who desire extra peace of mind during out-of-town and extended drives, the Giti 288 RunFlat and P80 RunFlat tires let you drive at a maximum speed of 80km/h for up to 80 kilometers even after complete air loss.

An inner support ring provides rigidity in case of a puncture, while optimized materials are used to ensure riding comfort is not compromised. As an added bonus, RunFlats let you eliminate the need for a spare tire, freeing up space for the things that matter most to you instead.

GitiSport Series: for the ultimate in performance

The battle-tested GitiSport GTR3RR1 is an extreme performance tire and is proudly worn by every car in the country’s top tier of motorsport and first-ever homegrown formula series, the Giti-Formula V1 Challenge. The 16-19” tires are street legal for drivers who want a highly-capable tire they can sportily drive on the street and take straight onto the track.

Three bold circumferential grooves give the tire great water evacuation ability, while the large center ribs they enclose ensure maximum surface area for traction and breaking. A strong shoulder with the GTR3RR1’s distinct triangular grooves regulate the tire’s shape at high-speed and provide better stability and response when you need it.

The GitiSport S1 has been developed for sports cars and exotics but also the new wave of high-performance compact SUV’s and features similar optimization in its straight center grooves for excellent water drainage alongside a highly responsive tread pattern.

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