Car Disinfecting Tips Against COVID-19 to Stay Safe and Healthy!

Disinfect your car!

The world took quite a toll upon the arrival of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and gravely affected the lives of each and everyone else in the world. The virus stopped the lives and businesses of people, thus, resorting to quarantine to prevent its further spread.  

Recently declared a pandemic, meaning the virus has taken its effect on a mass, global scale, and has urged our country to impose its lockdown. As people prepare to live in quarantine and limit their social interaction, this also means temporarily resting their precious wheels up until the end of the lockdown, or when they’ll head out for a supply run. 

At this time, we will think of ways to make good use of our time, and this is where we tell you that even before isolating yourselves, disinfect your rides, as they are perfect breeding grounds for a wide variety of bacteria and microorganisms, most notably the COVID-19. 

Experts believe that the virus can live for four up to nine days on solid surfaces, not factoring the heat that can effectively kill it within minutes, meaning during the quarantine, the virus may thrive in your rides for a prolonged time. So, here are some reminders on what areas to focus on and clean in the battle against novel coronavirus!

  • Protect yourself first! Use masks and gloves as you handle cleaning materials and the potential presence of the virus. 
  • Most surfaces in our cars can be disinfected with a simple soap solution of water and handwashing or dishwashing liquid. However, if you have car disinfectants and antibacterial wipes, that would do, be sure to read its contents thoroughly and try it on one part of your interior first. 
  • Focus on disinfecting the most touched areas of the car using a soap solution: Steering Wheel, Gear Shifter, Handbrake, Cup holders, Center Console, Glovebox, Dashboard, Car handle grips (the ones on the ceiling), and accessories. 
  • Take into account and disinfect the interior and exterior Door Handles of your car.
  • Using wipes or a moist microfiber cloth, disinfect your Infotainment System or Car Stereo, Climate control, or A/C knobs, along with Window Button and Door Locks. Just be careful not to damage your car’s electrical wirings. 
  • Clean carpets and floor mats as they have accumulated dust and dirt.
  • Always have a box of tissues and a bottle of hand sanitizer (for humans).

This pandemic is a wake-up call to everyone in this world, to be always mindful of their surroundings and maintain cleanliness. Proper hygiene is something that should be practiced by each one personally, in our environment, and even towards the inanimate objects around us, including our cars. Help prevent the spread and eradication of COVID-19!

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