MotoNews: Latest Motorsports Stories Around The World

To keep you updated, here’s a quick rundown of motorsports stories that happened in March!

Formula 1
With the cancellations of several scheduled GP’s including the season opener in Melbourne, F1 has returned to the off-season. These precautions are in place to protect both fans and competing teams from infection. While everyone must stay home, the heads at F1 aim to please and are introducing the F1 E-Sports Virtual Grand Prix. This will serve as a way to ease the racing itch for fans and will include several F1 drivers with the likes of Max Verstappen and Lando Norris already in the fold. While it would be interesting to begin the championship in this manner, they have released a disclaimer that this is only for entertainment purposes. The first race will be held at the Sakhir Circuit on the 22nd of March and is available on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook.

Formula E
The Formula E championship has also been put on hold for two months to prevent large events and to gather in city centers. The series has implemented a flag system to categorize time frames to better reorganize the 19-20 season. The red flags with no racing allowed are currently March and April. The yellow flag month with possible racing is in May. While the green flags with scheduled races on the assumption that everything stabilizes is in both June and July. As soon as the COVID-19 crisis has subsided, Formula E will be back in full force, said Alejandro Agag, Formula E Chairman, and Founder.

Similar to the challenges faced by Formula 1 and Formula E, IndyCar has postponed its season for now. Following the examples, also of Nascar and F1, the series will also be launching its own online Esports with the IndyCar iRacing Challenge. The first race will be held on March 28 and continue with a new event every Saturday until the season can return to the real world. The IndyCar drivers are participating and will join a virtual autograph session beforehand. The event will stream on, social media platforms, and iRacing’s twitch.

While the fans may be at home, MotoGP wants to keep you entertained with constant updates on their website at It’ll be easy to keep entertained with access to all the MotoGP feature-length documentaries, fan engagements, and driver interviews. Stay updated with all the latest news as we wait for the restart of the season.

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